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For those moments when you just need another damn ear.


Have you ever gotten to that moment (usually late at night) when you have no idea where your story is going? You have recorded so much tape, you’ve moved the pieces around dozens of times, you hate the story and you can’t hear it anymore. (This is when I feel like quitting.)
You’re all good. Your story is fine. You just need another damn ear.


Editors make the story better. They help storytellers cut out the noise and focus on what matters most. And I think collaboration makes the process more fun. Editors often work with producers from start to finish. But sometimes all you need to get started or get over a hump is one willing ear and a good conversation.
So I offer that editorial ear to audio producers whenever they need it.

  • I edit by-the-hour (for people who want to get over a hump and have fresh editorial ears on a story/idea/pitch).
  • I work as a traditional editor, supporting producers from start to finish (hellsyeah collaboration).

I specialize in narrative or documentary storytelling.
I can listen for BIG structural notes, smaller line edits or a combination.
I like to help independent producers who are just starting out, producers who want to tell an especially personal story, producers/reporters who want to stretch their skills and experiment, or organizations who want their story to have an impact.

If you are brainstorming an idea or working through a tough story, please feel free to get in touch.