Good Words

“I’m not quite sure how she does it, but Whitney always makes me sound better.”
 — Marlo Mack – How to Be a Girl
“Whitney is a Mozart of repositioning and structural edits and every piece I have ever made with her is better because of her guidance and edits. And it is always nice to have an editor who really listens and is looking out for you and your work.”
— Arwen Nicks – How’s Your Day?/The Big One
“Grooves on an inner plane.”
-Rob Rosenthal, How Sound/Transom
“Whitney is meticulously organized, obsessively focused and has near perfect pitch when it comes to shaping story and character. During the best times she’s cheering right next to you and during the low points she can be depended on for optimism and encouragement. She is simply indispensable.”
 –Shane Mehling – How’s Your Day?
“Whitney is an honest editor who will kill your darlings dead dead dead, but with compassion.”
–Jim Gates – Sr. Editor, KUOW